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The 2 Damaging Habits of Capex Project Management

In this video, I share my view on what is causing so many capital and construction projects to cost more and take longer than they need to.

My conclusions might surprise you, that the most common methods used today  to procure, plan and manage progress are the problem!

The claim that I make in the video – that task deadlines and fixed prices are a major cause of most of today’s project problems – is not made lightly.  It’s based on research into project problems, and alternative approaches to today’s orthodoxy.

I don’t just highlight the problem, I will also provide you with a robust and practical alternative.


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PS – This video is based on my presentation in the “2-minute ideas” session at the APM Annual Conference in London on 27 April 2017.  I made it the day after the conference.

About the Author Ian

Ian is an academic and consultant who helps improve the performance of capital projects and programmes. Hi early career experience included 15 years working as a project manager on capex projects, 10 years in procurement, including being chief procurement officer for a large construction company, and 10 years management consulting with niche consultancies in supply chain and procurement.

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