Ian Heptinstall
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Critical Chain, Lean & Agile

Below is a recording of my recent webinar for the Association for Project Management - APM.

It is a follow-up to my previous webinar "Back to the Future", that I covered in this previous post.

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What is the Problem with Projects?

It is widely acknowledged that there is significant potential to improve the performance of construction and capital projects.

There is no shortage of advice on what to do, with recommendations being made by bodies ranging from the World Economic Forum, to global management consultancies, legal firms, governments, and professional bodies.  But I think they are all missing the core issues.

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Back to the Future

I recently ran a webinar for the Association for Project Management (APM).  I called it Back to the Future because in today's world of big data, 3D printing and the Internet of Things, it is easy to forget that the fundamentals of project management are not dependent on technology.  You can watch the recording below.

On the webinar I used one of my favourite case studies, to demonstrate this point - the Empire State Building.

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Article in latest issue of APM’s PROJECT journal

I wrote a short article that the APM (Association for Project Management) published this week, in their quarterly journal, PROJECT.

It is a short summary of the two key elements of Breakthrough Project Management, the topic of my first book published in 2016.

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Project Management Company Makes More Profit Than Apple Inc!!

You have probably heard the claim that contracting and project management is a ‘low margin’ business?

How can this be, with companies making a better return than Apple? …and yes, I do mean that Apple!

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Who cares about productivity?

The Economist recently published an article highlighting the poor productivity of the construction industry.  They in turn reference work by McKinsey published earlier this year.

But neither of these august bodies explained WHY productivity is important.  Or more precisely, why labour productivity is so important.  

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DDMRP: The Greatest Innovation in Supply Chain Management in 50 Years?

DDMRP – Demand-Driven MRP – is rapidly becoming the default methodology used by supply chain leaders.  If you haven’t come across it yet, in this post you will find out why I think you should make sure you do.

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What is so Great About Cost & Time Certainty on Projects?

I kind of understand senior managers wanting project managers and contractors to be able to predict with 100% certainty how long a project is going to take, and how much it is going to cost.

Certainty is nice. But like Father Christmas, who is also nice, it also doesn’t exist.

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The 2 Damaging Habits of Capex Project Management

In this video, I share my view on what is causing so many capital and construction projects to cost more and take longer than they need to.

My conclusions might surprise you, that the most common methods used today  to procure, plan and manage progress are the problem!

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Good Procurement is not about Savings

Should reducing spend as much as possible be the main purpose of procurement?

This analysis of two well-known global retailers suggests not, since the cost-cutter fared much worse.  But what can you do instead?

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