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Earned Value Management (EVM) despite its popularity has a significant flaw - it can hide major problems until it is too late.
This paper shows how CCPM helps overcome this problem.

Why pushing "risk" down the supply chain or project WBS, can increase total cost, and ultimately increases project risk.

A story that introduces the idea of CCPM, and why it is better to aggregate uncertainty rather than insist on task-level deadlines.

Overview of how changing the way projects are planned and managed can have a significant impact on cost and value.

Summary of how Japan's largest public sector ministry has used CCPM since the mid 2000's as part of it's "WIn:WIn:Win Public Works" initiative.

This paper was originally published on the PM World website.

Two worked examples to demonstrate how misusing standard financial information to make decisions it wasn't designed for, can lead to wrong business decisions being made.


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Introduction to Critical Chain Project Management (24:50)

How CCPM works, and description of the three core rules: risk aggregation, focused work, and buffer management.

Breakthrough Project Management (40:54)

Presentation in Paris, October 2016, at an event organised by Marris Consullting on the launch my book "The Executive Guide to Breakthrough Project Management".
A version with French sub-titles is available here.

Interview about Project Management and BPM (16:12)

Interview with Philip Marris in Paris, about some of my project experience and how I can up wiht the idea of Breakthrough Project Management.

The 2 Damaging Habits of Capex Project Management (1:40)

A short video about the two main causes of most problems on capital & construction projects - fixed prices, and fixed task deadlines and milestones.

How Fixed Price Contracts & Risk Off-loading

can INCREASE cost (12:06)

Using a simple simulation based on a capital project, I show how off-loading commercial risk to your supply chain can add a significant cost premium - in this simulation 40%!

Presentation at EU conference In Vilnius 2013 (46:35)

An early presentation on improving capex projects in the public sector, in Lithuania. The Public Sector Effectiveness Conference was organised as part of Lithuania's presidency of the EU.